LOR - Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is generally provided by a faculty member of the applicant’s previous institute. Usually, universities ask applicants to provide two or three LORs via referees from the previous institute (they could be teachers from schools in case of undergraduate courses and professors from college in case they are applying for Masters’ programs). LOR format from faculty often varies in the content and requires the professor to highlight the applicant’s accomplishments as a student of the course.

The key points to be included in a perfect academic LOR (students should specify these things to their supervisors so that it can be mentioned in the LOR to give it more weight to compete with other applications) are listed below:

Focus on study program:

If the recommendation is for a college or graduate school, referees should ask the student for more information on the school or program. The referee should try to focus on the student’s skills that relate to their ability to succeed at that school. If the letter is for a teaching position, ask for a description of the job.

Collect crucial information from student:

Referees should ask the student for his/her detailed CV so that they can write about the student’s experience accurately.

Explaining how the referee is familiar to the applicant:

In the introduction, the referee should briefly explain how they know the student. If the letter is for a former student, the referee must explain how many courses the student took with him/her, and/or if they have worked with them in any other capacity.

Mention specific examples:

Provide specific examples of ways in which the person has demonstrated various skills and qualities.

Make it positive:

Positive statements should be written to prove that the student is a strong candidate for the job or the graduate school.

Share Contact information:

Provide a way for the graduate school or the employer to Contact if they have further questions. Referees must include email address, telephone number, or both at the end of the letter.

Follow LOR submission guidelines:

Referees should have clarity about the LOR guidelines before writing the letter. Make sure to follow any requirements, especially about where to send it and when, as well as the format.